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GROMMET has been present on the Polish and international market since 2004. Having technical knowledge and considerable experience in providing spare parts for the wide variety of world’s leading manufactures’ industrial equipment.
We offer solutions ensuring the increase of efficiency and reliability as well as standard solutions. Taking the clients’ individual needs into consideration, we carefully select the materials used for the production of spare parts.
The main products on our offer are spare parts for reciprocating compressors. We provide major and wear parts. Available major parts: pistons, piston rods, plungers, cylinder liners, valves, stuffing boxes, crossheads, connecting rods, crankshafts, and whole crank cases.
We also provide the repair and refurbishment of the parts, which improve their technical efficiency and durability and extend their lifetime. Available wear parts: piston rings, guide rings, sealing rings and repair kits for pressure, intermediate and oil wiper packings, spare parts for plate valves and ring valves. There are parts for lubricated as well as non-lubricated compressors on offer.
We owe our dynamic development and growth into a worldwide recognized provider of spare parts to our numerous clients: